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Preparing Hair for Color and Making Hair Color Last Longer

Braids, curls or no matter in how many different ways you experiment with your hair, the way you do your hair might make you look a lot prettier and you are going to smell a lot of jealousy in the party. And, if you fall short in achieving the desired hair style and experimenting with hair goes wrong, though behind your back, everyone will question your sense of hair style. You will not be able to achieve amazing hairstyle transformation if your hair is not dyed flawlessly. And, you know it; achieving flawless hair color is not a cakewalk. If your trip to a salon is already planned or you are counting your own skills to color your hair using a temporary hair color spray, jot down following hair coloring rules. 

Enhancing Hair Color

Preparation is Key

There are zero benefits of coloring hair that are not in good condition. Coloring hair that is in bad condition, you are actually making your hair vulnerable to serious damages. So, make sure that your hair is in good condition. 

Do It Yourself

Coconut is the perfect natural solution for enriching and moisturizing hair. Coconut is really very helpful for those having dry hair and scalps. Apply coconut oil to damp hair at night and in the morning, wash out your hair with shampoo. And, then you should color your hair using temporary hair color spray by following given instructions.   

Maintaining Hair

Your hair is not naturally blessed with some special layer that safeguards from the excessive heat you are applying for styling. You can’t complain if hair cuticle is damaged due to excessive heat treatment. So, before straightening and dyeing hair, always use a heat protectant. 

Making Hair Color Last Longer

Color fades due to excessive washing and even due to styling and also when you let sun rays fall on your hair. Sulfates have the tendency to strip color from treated hair. So, using sulfate-free products help in increasing the longevity of hair color. If you are planning to dye your hair then use sulfate-free temporary hair color spray. Products having more active ingredients can retain color and also improve quality of hair.  

These days, there are many brands selling products for dyeing hair. Many of these products are chemical-based. And, these chemical-based products might give better results but are most likely to cause serious damage to your hair. So, buy superior quality temporary hair color spray only.

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