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Click Perfect Selfie with Right Makeup Tips

Taking good selfie isn’t just fun but an art too. Whether you love it or hate it but you cannot stay away from a selfie. You need to choose the right angle to lighting, pose and camera quality. You need to keep in all this in your mind while clicking your perfect selfie.  You also need to have some makeup that will make your selfie even more beautiful. You can have simple and natural makeup that will highlight your face feature and camouflage scars and dark circle.

The fact of “fair skin obsession” is fading by the day, when it comes to looking glamorous we believe with right makeup hacks you can look beautiful.  Makeup flatters your complexion for which many Hollywood actresses and models are the proof.  No doubt, natural complexion matters the most but with right makeup, you will glam up your looks. There are so many options are there to make you look glamorous like eyeliner, eyeshadow, bronzer, and lipstick. The best part is you can get them online. Bronzer makeup products online will give you a great deal at a very affordable price. 

Here we bring to you some untold makeup hacks that will help you to click some great selfies.


You should use primer because it soothes the surface of your skin. It will help in minimizing the appearance of your fine lines and pores. They minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. The primer also helps the foundation to look more natural and smooth. You should use it after washing your face with a cleanser then apply the primer and blend it evenly.


Concealer is basically used to hide your dark circles, sun spots, acne marks, and some other facial imperfections. You can apply it on your face with a brush or your fingertips. You need to dab the concealer onto the top of each mark and then blend it softly.


You need to select a foundation that matches your skin tone as it acts as a blank canvas. You should use foundation only after primer and concealer. You need to apply the foundation at the center of your face and then blend it around your face. Apply it to your neck and hairline and end it with a setting powder. The worst mistake is choosing a shade lighter than your skin tone; this will make your skin look patchy. If you want to get the correct match, you can try to mix two shades to create the right color for yourself. If you have a oily skin then you need to pick a water-based foundation. If your skin is dry then go for the cream-based one. You can take moisturizer or few drops of water with a foundation in your palm before applying it on your face and neck. It will help in blending it perfectly with your skin tone and it also prevents you from appearing patchy after some time. Never forgot to put foundation on your neck or else your face and neck will show different shades.


Now you need to start with your eye makeup. First, you need to apply eye primer on your upper lids and then use a light eye-shadow. If you are having small eyes then you can apply thick eyeliner and if you have big eyes then use winged eyeliner to get a balanced look. Classic winged eyeliner is one of the best choices for a perfect selfie.

Go for cream based eyeliner rather than light ones if you are a dark skin. Cream-based eyeliners are easy to blend and looks more natural. You can also choose the dark shades like browns, prunes, copper, and burgundy for your eyeshadow if you have a dark skin rather than pink or purple.


If you have chubby cheeks then you should use contour. This will make your face look slimmer.  You need to pick bronzer two-hues darker to your original skin tone and apply it to the hollow part of your cheeks. Now you need to take a beauty blender and tap it over the area of the contour color and merge it into your base foundation. For blush, you can try shades like rose, deep orange and coral. You can avoid the shades that won’t suit you. If you have the darker skin tone, then go for plum, wine or bronze. This is how you can become a selfie queen.


Now you can flaunt your pout fabulous colors like red, peach or coral. Never forget to coordinate the color with your outfit. This will make you beautiful yet elegant at the same time. You can also highlight the central part of your lips with a lighter shade of your lipstick to make it more glamorous. Try glossy and matte colors which will look great on your skin. You can also go for dark shades like berry, burgundy, mauve or nude shades.

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